Indian Handicrafts Company supplies a wide range of Indian handicrafts to almost all countries in the world. We are reputed as manufacturer and suppliers of exquisite collection of handicrafts and gifts items created by Indian artisans. The range includes handicraft decor items, handcrafted gifts, figurines, desk accessories, wall paintings and more. Our products are created usually by hand or using traditional methods.

Scenery Mud Art Scenery Mud Art
Wood Fiber Combo Wood Fiber Combo
Poly Resin Poly Resin
Flowers & Fragrences Flowers & Fragrences
Leather Leather
Stones Stones
Bells & Windchimes Bells & Windchimes
Paper Mashier Paper Mashier
Wrought Iron Wrought Iron
Brass Brass
Wooden Wooden
Aluminium Products Aluminium Products
Lamps & T Lites Lamps & T Lites

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